Frequently Asked Questions

All logo sales are final because we transfer all rights to the buyer and so, we can't resell a logo. Please make sure the logo corresponds to your design needs before purchasing.

After purchasing a logo, you will get the designer's contact information. Further work (like business cards) can be discussed with the designer. Or you can contact us on this page

Here's how to buy a logo:
  1. (optional) Register (this needs to be done only once) or Login to Logohut.
  2. Search for a logo.
  3. Click the "Add to Cart" button on the logo page.
  4. Click on "Checkout" or "Your Cart".
  5. Fill the billing information form (and double-check your email address, please)..
  6. Review your order.
  7. Pay with PayUMoney.
  8. Check your email for purchase information.
  9. Also, if you didn't already create an account, the system will create one for you and you will get an email about this. If you already created an account before purchase, then you can skip to #11 below.
  10. Login to LOGOHUT, following the instructions found in the account-creation email.
  11. Download the logo right away.

All logo customization is included in the price: Font changes, color changes. After purchase, our team will contact you through E-mail or Phone, then you can give the instructions to the designer for color/font changes. Alternatively, you could send your instructions to the designer by email (the system will give you the designer’s email after purchase). Designers have 48 hours to customize the logo, most of them do it within 24 hours.

Designers have 48 hours to perform the customization task. Most of them do it within 24 hours. You have to take into consideration the time zones differences.

If you were logged in when you bought the logo, then the logo will be visible in your profile. You can download it from there.

Otherwise, the system will create an account for you. You should have received an email about this (check your spam/junk folder just in case).

You can then download the logo right away. Alternatively, you could send your instructions to the designer by email (the system will give you the designer’s email after purchase), in which you will receive your final logo via email.

All prices are shown in Indian Rupee(Rs).

By default you will get two file formats (EPS and JPEG). Your final files won't have the LOGOHUT watermark.

The first file (EPS) is a professional vector file which is composed of vectors (curves) and can be scaled without loss of quality; you will need professional vector software to be able to open this file (for example Adobe Illustrator). The other file is a standard raster image (JPEG) which are composed of pixels, most modern computers can open this type of file without a problem. The JPEG is ideal for on-screen usage, like websites and social media.

About the professional vector files: All reproduction techniques will require a third party (vinyl sign, t-shirt silk-screening, business cards printing, etc.) and all professionals that deal with these reproduction techniques have access to professional vector software and will be able to use the EPS file to properly reproduce your logo.

On LOGOHUT currently you can pay with Debit card, Credit card and Net banking (which are processed by PayUmoney). This is a very safe way to do business online; PayUMoney is one of the biggest payment processor. LOGOHUT doesn't keep a record of your Debit card, Credit card and Net banking information.

When you buy a logo from LOGOHUT, you get full and exclusive rights. Each logo is sold only once. This refers to the copyright and exclusivity.

However, the designer maintains the limited right to display the logo on his/her portfolio, website and award submissions with the intention to promote his/her business. In other words, we transfer ownership but not authorship.

After purchase, you can further protect your logo by registering it yourself as a trademark in your country (or other countries).

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