What file formats will I get with my logo purchase?

By default you will get two file formats (EPS and JPEG). Your final files won’t have the LOGOHUT watermark.

The first file (EPS) is a professional vector file which is composed of vectors (curves) and can be scaled without loss of quality; you will need professional vector software to be able to open this file (for example Adobe Illustrator). The other file is a standard raster image (JPEG) which are composed of pixels, most modern computers can open this type of file without a problem. The JPEG is ideal for on-screen usage, like websites and social media.

About the professional vector files: All reproduction techniques will require a third party (vinyl sign, t-shirt silk-screening, business cards printing, etc.) and all professionals that deal with these reproduction techniques have access to professional vector software and will be able to use the EPS file to properly reproduce your logo.